About Us
The Southern States Offshore, Inc. family of Companies was officially founded by Ed Schreiber and Ralph McIngvale in January 1996 with the purchase of the M/V SABINE SEAL (155' - 1980 hull) f rom the State Boat Company of Houston, Texas. The Company in turn entered into a bareboat charter agreement with Sealcraft Operators, Inc., of Galveston, Texas for the boat.

In July, 1996 Ralph, Ed and Charlie Kilgore founded REC Marine Inc. and purchased the M/V TRINITY SEAL (175' - 1971 hull) from Neches Gulf Marine of Sabine Pass, Texas. The Company in turn entered into a bareboat charter agreement with Sealcraft Operators, Inc. for the boat.

On August 14, 1996 Sealcraft's vessel assets were sold and the company ceased operations. Southern States Operators, Inc. was formed by Ed and Ralph for the purpose of operating both the M/V SABINE SEAL and the M/V TRINITY SEAL. In addition, Southern States Operators obtained a bareboat charter party agreement with Tidewater Marine for both the M/V SWORD DANCER (192' - 1976 hull) and the M/V MOBILE SEAHORSE (165' - 1981 hull). The Company purchased both those vessels from Tidewater in February 1999 and renamed them the M/V SOUTHERN DANCER and M/V SOUTHERN SEAHORSE respectively.

In the summer of 1997 REC bareboat chartered the M/V SOUTHERN ENDEAVOR. The vessel was operated as an OSV by Southern States Operators, Inc. until December 1998 when it was returned to it's owner.

Also in the summer of 1997 the Company purchased the utility boat M/V SUZANNE P, operated it for a year and the sold it.

In November, 1998 the Company purchased the M/V GULF RELENTLESS, renaming her the M/V SOUTHERN RELENTLESS (175' - 1972 hull) and operating her as an OSV.

In the summer of 1999 Southern States Operators, Inc. was merged into SSO.

In December, 1999 SSO took delivery of the M/V SOUTHER QUEST (205' OSV).

In the fall of 2000 Ed and Ralph bought Charlie Kilgore out of REC Marine, Inc.

REC Marine, Inc (owner of the M/V TRINITY SEAL) and Southern States Offshore, Inc. (Owner of the M/Vs SABINE SEAL, SOUTHERN DANCER, SOUTHERN SEAHORSE, SOUTHERN RELENTLESS AND SOUTHERN QUEST) are both wholly and equally owned by Ed and Ralph.

In April, 2005 the Company retired the M/V SOUTHERN RELENTLESS. The vessel was sold in November of the same year.

REC was merged into SSO in March of 2006.

On May 20, 2005 SSO took delivery of the 170 foot aluminum hull, fast supply boat, M/V SOUTHERN SPIRIT, and in June, 2007 the M/V SOUTHERN COMET, a sister to the M/V SOUTHERN SPIRIT, was delivered.

Southern States Offshore has contracted for two additional fast supply boats (M/V SOUTHERN BELLE and M/V SOUTHERN STAR) to be delivered in January and July of 2009. In January 2010 a new DP II, SOLAS supply boat (SOUTHERN CROSS) will also be delivered. This vessel will be 242' x 54' x 17'.

The Company will continue it's philosophy of retiring older equipment and obtaining newer equipment as it goes forward.